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A Disastrous First-Day At Work?!

A job surrounded by books should be a dream come true for the bookworm Tokiko, but... it's never going to be that easy, is it?

Patchouli's silly antics aside, the library came under attack by the all-too-familiar ordinary magician, with her sight firmly set at the secret Patchouli hides within a sealed chamber in the library. A grimoire radiating a mysterious power.

Perhaps blame it on fate or their own carelessness, but they accidentally released whatever it is sealed within the grimoire.

A huge stone castle, with its imposing walls and numerous towers, bigger than anything most Gensokyo's residents ever seen, appeared out of thin air on its soil. Its gates opened, and large figures with shining armor march out, heading directly toward the mansion...

... Yes, it's just another incident in the land of fantasy... isn't it?

Novice Incident Revolution Specialist, Take Flight!!

The perpetrator slipped away, and now, under the threat of Reimu's wrath descending upon her innocent life for the second time, Tokiko finds herself trying to stop this incident before everything goes out of hand.

Recruit new party members, gather equipment, and blitz through the dungeons, as Tokiko and her party unravel the truth, of the mastermind behind The Elemental Castle!


Grimoire of The Elemental Castle.rar 333 MB

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